"Ein gutes Produkt sollte wie ein guter Freund sein"


Stephan Reichle was born in may 1981 in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany.

After graduating in Industrial Design at University of Applied Science in Munich and doing several internships in Austria and in Spain he started to work in Automotive Design for Audi AG in Ingolstadt.


Always wanting to Design a broad variety of objects he soon started to run his own design office in 2013 in his home place in Füssen, South Bavaria. From classic Corporate Design to creating interiors and crafting single pieces there are almost no limitations in his work. 


Today he has a strong focus on crafting unique objects with great dedication. Loving raw and natural materials which contrast with technical and clean surfaces his works can hardly be put in certain categories. But tactile and emotional aspects as well as poetic and arty thoughts are always part of his design process. 


Working on one hand for brands and commercial customers while on the other creating single pieces in his own workshop allow him to have an experimental and intuitive approach on design which is not lead by fashion trends.